Eureka Centre Ballarat’s education resources cover a variety of topics and can be used in conjunction or independently of onsite experiences. Included in the resources is a comprehensive Eureka Education Kit available to download.

We are always looking at how to further support educators. Click this link if you have a suggestion or resource you would like developed.


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  • Eureka Education Kit

    Front cover of Education kit

    This kit has been jointly produced by the Art Gallery of Ballarat and the Eureka Centre Ballarat to support teachers/educators in teaching content relating to the Eureka Stockade and the Victorian goldfields, as specified in the Australian Curriculum. 

    Each chapter of the guide is focused on a broad theme and is followed by a series of suggested activities and discussion topics to be used alone, or as a starting point for unit planning. The guide has been produced primarily for in-class use and features a detailed timeline, comprehensive descriptions of key figures and a reading list, including suggested class texts and reference books and online resources for teacher use. 

    View individual chapters by clicking the chapter titles below.


    Click here to view the full Eureka Education Kit
  • Ballarat's Eureka Heritage

    Start at Eureka Centre Ballarat and explore other important Eureka sites around Ballarat (virtually or in-person). Explore the map below and hear from experts at each location to find out more about the lasting impact of the Eureka Rebellion.


    Ellen Young (The Poetess of Ballarat) was an Englishwoman living on the Ballarat Goldfields in the 1850s. Ellen Young recorded all her poems in a handwritten notebook and it was donated it to the Ballarat East Library in 1911. Download the transcribed poems and the accompanying activity guide below. Or have a look at the full book of poetry.*

    Open Notebook (Ellen Young poetry)
    Ellen Young,
    Untitled notebook.
    Australiana Research Collection,
    City of Ballarat.

    *reproduced with permission from Australiana Research Collection, City of Ballarat. 

    Transcribed Poems Activities (TBC)
  • Ballarat in 1854: Through the eyes of Eugene Von Guerard


    Join Kate Gorman from the Art Gallery of Ballarat as she looks at OLD BALLARAT AS IT WAS IN THE SUMMER OF 1853-54 by Goldfields Artist Eugene von Guerard, and what we can learn about people, places and the changing landscape.

    This content for this video was adapted from a live program delivered to schools in October 2020.

Eureka Centre Ballarat Education Program is funded through the Department of Education and Training’s (DET) Strategic Partnership Program.