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Peter Tobin Oration


Thursday December 03, 2020






The Peter Tobin Oration is held each Eureka Day to honour the significant contribution of the late Peter Tobin OAM to the commemoration and interpretation of the Eureka Stockade and its legacy.   

We are honoured to welcome David Bannear to deliver this year’s Peter Tobin Oration on the 166th anniversary of the Eureka Stockade.  This year’s lecture will be presented as a livestreamed event.  

David will speak about the archaeology of the Eureka Stockade Memorial Park surviving mining relics of Ballarat and other central Victorian goldfields, and their contribution to the proposed UNESCO World Heritage bid. 

David has an MA in archaeology from the University of Cambridge (UK). Between 1988 to 1995, for the State government, he undertook an historical archaeological survey of every Victorian goldfield. He identified Castlemaine Diggings as the best-preserved goldrush landscape in Victoria, a finding that led to its inclusion on the National Heritage List. Numerous other historic mining sites and places (including Eureka Stockade Memorial Park) were protected by listing on the Victorian Heritage Register and hundreds of archaeological sites on the Victorian Heritage Inventory. David was involved in early development of the case for World Heritage nomination of the Central Victorian Goldfields and continues to be vitally interested in the success of that bid. 

To ensure a COVID-safe environment, this year’s lecture will be livestreamed and presented in front of a small invited group of stakeholders, with audience numbers subject to restrictions.   

You can view David’s lecture on Tuesday 3 December at 5.30pm by visiting the Eureka Centre’s Facebook page. 

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