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Eureka Day Commemoration


Thursday December 03, 2020







You are invited to join in commemorating Eureka Day and honouring the people involved in the events surrounding the 1854 Eureka Stockade, including those who lost their lives.  

Mayor Cr Daniel Moloney will share his Eureka Day message and acknowledge the Eureka fallen. The commemoration of Eureka Day will be presented as a video released on the Eureka Centre Facebook page on Thursday 3 December at 9am.  

We hope you can join us in remembering the events of Eureka and honouring those who died in defending their rights and liberties, as well as those doing their duty as police and soldiers. 

Note: This year’s commemoration of Eureka Day is presented through a video to ensure we meet our responsibilities to maintain a COVID-safe environment at the Eureka Centre. 

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